ALO Programs

Our Programs are available to adults 18 and over who have been out of school for at least one year.

Our programs are at no cost and have open attendance, you can attend when you are able.  We make every effort to fit programs to your current lifestyle!

Level I, Level II and Level III are offered at 215 Dominion Street, Bridgewater, NS (inside Employment Solutions Society – Nova Scotia Works Centre.  Our smaller classes allow our instructors to give each learner all the time they need to be successful.  Level IV is offered by Bridgewater Adult High inside NSCC – Lunenburg Campus.

Classroom Activities:

Reading, Writing, Math, Social Skills, Communications, Science & Social Studies.  Learning is offered in a friendly, nonjudgmental safe environment.

Learners are accepted into the program from September to June and each individual has his/her own learning plan.  Full-time and Part-time classes are available.


Work with our instructors to learn the information required to write your GED (Grade 12 equivalent).  Tests and books are included, local GED exams are now accessed online through NSCC – Lunenburg Campus, Bridgewater, NS.

Essential Skills:

We offer help with math and all other subjects, refresh your skills so you enhance your knowledge of all learning methods.

Step Up! (Social):

Learn to effectively interact in a group/team environment.  Also offered are some Do’s and Don’ts when working with the public in customer service.

Computer Courses:

Start with Computer Basics and work your way up to being a power user!  Learn to create a resume, surf the internet and send emails with attachments.

Driver’s Handbook:

A complete review of the Driver’s Handbook to prepare for you for writing the Beginner’s Licensing written test.

Volunteer Tutors:

We have a list of experienced and trained tutors ready to work with you, one to one.  If your goal is to write an exam or successfully pass that math test to gain employment, call us today so we can assess your needs and set you up with a volunteer tutor in your community call (902) 543-2479 ext. 29 or toll free 1 (866) 711-0411.