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“How to Provide Great Customer Service”

“Update Your Resume On LinkedIn”

“Plan Your Future With Career Cruising”

“This is a step by step video describing how to apply for an Apprentice Position at Michelin”

To find the job advertisement: www.empsolutions.ca

To find the practice questions: https://practice.essentialskillsgroup.com/

To find the assessment: https://michelin.essentialskillsgroup.com/

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How To Apply For A Job Online

The example is specific to applying for career opportunities with Sobeys.

How To Fill Out Your LinkedIn Profile

How To Write A Professional Email

“How to Get to Labour Market Information”

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“Tips for Microsoft PowerPoint”

“How to Manage Stress”

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“How to Make a Class Central Account”

“How to Make a Skills Online NS Account”


“”How to Register for a Course on Skills Online NS”

“How to Register for Classes on Course Central”

“How to Register with CCOHS NS & Courses”

“How to Attach a Document to an Email” 

“How to Create a LinkedIn Account” 

 “How to Upload a Resume to an Email” 

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