Vachon Distributor

Employer: Vachon

Closing Date:

Contact Name: Jacquie van Hattem

Phone: 604 816 5208

Email: [email protected]

Location: Vancouver, BC

Hours: Full-Time


Distributor in Bridgewater

Salary: 60k

Additional Info: Run the daily operations of a distributorship with Vachon. Order, merchandise and utilize your customer service skills to sell as much product as possible.

Responsibilities: ordering, merchandising, delivery and building strong relationships with your stores.

Adjusting for seasonality and working with the stores for the best possible locations to sell product.

Required Skills:

Essential Skills: Reading, Writing, Document Use, Numeracy, Thinking, Oral Communication, Working With Others, Continuous Learning

Employability Skills: Motivation, Confidence, Attitude, Adaptability, Accountability, Time Management, Teamwork, Stress Management, Presentation

How To Apply:

Email [email protected] to apply.