Assisted Services (No cost)

Assisted services require a registration and are at no charge, individuals receive a referral to work with one of our our staff one-to-one. Below is a picture of one of our offices where registered clients meet privately and confidentially.


  • Work one to one with staffŸ
  • Determine individual needs
  • Build a plan
  • Look at options
  • Referral to group sessionsŸ
  • Identify barriers & roadblocksŸ
  • Make a career decision
  • Engage in pre-employment readiness activities Ÿ
  • Resume & cover letter critique & tips Ÿ
  • Determine eligibility for provincial & federal funding programsŸ
  • Referrals to adult learning programs and services
  • Access to Job development services Ÿ
  • On-the-job supports Ÿ
  • Referrals for functional, educational, and technology assessments

Our staff also provide guidance to registered clients, who meet certain criteria, in completing applications for financial assistance through the Canada-Nova Scotia Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA) under the direction of Employment Nova Scotia (ENS).

Click on each option below to follow the link to view eligibility requirements: