Assisted Employment Services (No cost)

By registering with us and accessing assisted employment services below, you will receive a referral to work with us one-to-one.  You will meet in a private and confidential area, such as a Case Manager’s office to build a plan including:


Picture of a Case Manager’s Office

  • Meeting – you attend a series of scheduled meetings either virtually or in-person and start working with us so we can learn of your circumstances.
  • Determine individual needs – you will have your needs assessed during a scheduled meeting.
  • Build a plan –  together we will create a set of steps and strategies for you to follow to address your needs and move you closer to your goal(s).
  • Look at options – you will learn of all your options while building a plan.
  • Referral to webinars, workshops, special programs – we may recommended you attend sessions to enhance your employability quickly.Ÿ
  • Identify barriers & roadblocks – together we will identify and build on your strengths to navigate your plan to meaningful employment.
  • Access pre-employment training and skills – as a client you will be notified when we offer pre-employment skills sessions such as safety training and employability programs and workshops.
  • Resume & cover letter critique & tips – we showcase you in your best possible light by building a resume that highlights your skills and experiences.  Resumes built this way will help you stand out from other job applicants.
  • Determine eligibility for provincial & federal funding programs – during our meetings we will review and advise of your eligibility for all funding options.
  • Access Job Development services – we will provide assistance with focused resumes and cover letters for job specific applications, assist with interview preparations and help build your network.  Start working with our Job Developer who will act as a bridge between you  and employers to streamline the application and hiring process.  You will receive ongoing support throughout the hiring process, as well as, while transitioning through the first few days of work.
  • Referrals for functional, educational, and technology assessments – accessing referrals to individuals outside of our organization could be needed in order to build your plan.
  • Referrals to adult learning programs and services – we have the Lunenburg County Adult Learning Program onsite and referrals to work with them can be made to enhance your education level.
  • Access Job Coaching services – you can receive a referral from a Case Manager to our Employment Support Practitioner to assist you in reaching your maximum level of employment capacity.  Individuals who have high barriers, may have a disability, and meet eligibility criteria will meet with our Employment Support Worker and receive one-to-one assistance in the following Work Experience/Job Coaching areas:
    • Transition to employment
    • Job readiness
    • Orientation to a workplace
    • Assisting participants needs on the job
    • Assistance in completing specific duties on the job

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