Self-Services (No cost)

DecorativeSelf services are at no charge and available to anyone who visits one of our centres and includes:

  • Orientation to our centre(s) Ÿ
  • Determine service needs Ÿ
  • Attend group sessions Ÿ
  • Referral to other community agencies Ÿ
  • Access Online Computers Ÿ
  • Use resume and cover letter building software Ÿ
  • View resource materials & books, borrow or photocopy Ÿ
  • Free printing, photocopying & faxing for job search Ÿ
  • Access to newspapers & job bank binder Ÿ
  • Phone available for local calls Ÿ
  • Basic office supplies
  • Access to Wi-fi
  • Referral to registered assisted employment services