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At Employment Solutions Society, we help Nova Scotia’s employers with recruitment, planning and HR support and we help individuals with career planning, job searching and on-the-job development. Our employees help clients navigate a range of programs and services that will aid their success.

You can learn more about our employment services offerings by clicking on Assisted Services (NO COST) tab above.

Our mission:   “To enhance the employ-ability of all individuals in our community through learning and inclusive services.” 


To Apply for the Case Manager Job Opportunity please click on this link:  https://novascotiaworks.ca/nsdc/job/f7d36f03-2259-43ab-96f8-ff9c2f47046b















This is a step by step video describing how to apply for an Apprentice Position at Michelin.

To find the job advertisement: www.empsolutions.ca

To find the practice questions: https://practice.essentialskillsgroup.com/

To find the assessment: https://michelin.essentialskillsgroup.com/

If you have any further questions please contact us by email at: [email protected] or by phone at 1-866-711-0411



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