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At Employment Solutions Society, we help Nova Scotia’s employers with recruitment, planning and HR support and we help individuals with career planning, job searching and on-the-job development. Our employees help clients navigate a range of programs and services that will aid their success.

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Our mission:   “To enhance the employ-ability of all individuals in our community through learning and inclusive services.” 






“Attention Employers”

upcoming FREE Forced to Pivot Training Classes for small to medium sized businesses in Nova Scotia.

How do you survive this new world? How does your business stay alive? Running a business in
a pandemic is unprecedented in our time. Where can you turn for advice from trusted sources?
The CBDC presents the Forced to Pivot course developed specifically to help you and your
business survive and potentially thrive in the new reality.
Forced to Pivot gives you immediate guidance on communication, marketing, selling and
bonding with your clients. It also focuses on acquiring new clients in new ways to ensure your
future.There is a 3 part strategy based on the legs of a stool that is the foundation moving forward.

1. How to survive right now. What can I offer my clients today to generate revenue? How
can I change my model today to gain sales? How does earning money actually work in these
turbulent times?
2. The slow return to normal. The day social distancing ends will be both joyous and extremely
risky for businesses. How do you gain client attention when the whole world is speaking at
once? How do I cut through the clutter without giving away free items, two for one sales or
sharply discounting my price to buy back market share?
3. The world of business has fundamentally changed forever. Examples abound in the
hospitality industry. Restaurants that used to sit 90 can only fit 30 within safety guidelines.
Money freely spent is now being hoarded. What will your new offer look like to survive the

CBDC is committed to helping small and local businesses stay viable in these turbulent times.
In partnering with ForcedToPivot.com, we are focused on skills that can be implemented
immediately to help you succeed.

They have enlisted the expertise of Bernice Williams of Intentional Connection and Brian
Geddes of Direct Ad Factory. Bernice Williams is a certified adult educator, a brilliant
networker and a community connector. Her “superpower” is connecting people that can
enhance each other’s lives and businesses. Brian Geddes is a veteran of both digital marketing
and real-world marketing with over 25 years’ experience. He is all about bottom-line results
and focusing on the only metric that matters; response!

The combined abilities of Brian and Bernice has proven to be highly effective in both
brainstorming sessions and training courses already sponsored by the CBDC.

The course is FREE. Space is LIMITED. The need is UNDENIABLE.
Book your seat today at forcedtopivot.com/training



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