Employer Services


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We offer (at no cost):
Local employer human resources recruitment, planning and retention services.

Personnel Development for Employees:

  • Employability Skills
  • Industry information sessions
  • Wage subsidies/Funding incentives
  • Employer recruiting
  • Customized training

Job Coaching:

This program is for individuals who have high barriers, may have a disability and meet the eligibility criteria. Participants can receive a referral from a Career Practitioner to the Employment Maintenance Worker to assist them in reaching their maximum level of employment capacity. The Employment maintenance Worker will provide one-to-one assistance in accessing the following Work Experience activities:

  • Transition to employment
  • Job readiness
  • Orientation to a workplace
  • Assisting participants needs on the job
  • Assistance in completing specific duties on the job

Interviews & Information Sessions:

Space is available for interviews, training or information sessions. We have two rooms available for booking; Our Training Room holds up to 20 people and our Board Room can hold up to 6 people. Please book a week ahead of date required.

We have outlined below those funding programs designed for you and our staff can help access the following:

START Program               Employment Nova Scotia – 1-877-223-0888

Program Description: Provides employers incentives to hire Nova Scotians requiring work experience with a labour need,  Support to employers is to allow time for the new employee to develop the skills and abilities of a new employee, maximize their potential and contribute to the ongoing success of the enterprise.  {Incentives can be used to pay for the individual’s wages, MERC, training costs or other related costs associated with hiring of a new employee.}

Eligible Employers:

  • All businesses, organizations (Not for profit and Social Enterprises) that have businesses locations and jobs in NS.
  • Companies with headquarters outside of NS are eligible only if they have a physical location in Nova Scotia.
  • You are a small to medium sized enterprise.

START Apprenticeship Program                  Employment Nova Scotia – 1-877-223-0888


Program Description: the objective of the Apprenticeship START program is to encourage employers to register and employ apprentices.  {Incentives can be used to pay for the individual’s wages, MERC, training costs or other related costs associated with hiring of a new employee.}

Eligible Employers:

  • All businesses, organizations (not-for-profit and social enterprises) that have business locations and jobs in Nova Scotia.
  • Focus on small to medium-sized enterprises.
  • Companies with headquarters outside of Nova Scotia are eligible to apply only if they also have a physical location in Nova Scotia.

Graduate to Opportunity Program     Economic and Rural Development and Tourism 1-800-424-5418

Program description:  provides salary contributions to employers to offset the cost of hiring a recent graduate and assist post-secondary graduates to find career opportunities in Nova Scotia.  The employer must pay the recent graduate an annual salary of at least $30,000.

Eligible employers (must meet at least one of these criteria):

  • A company with fewer than 100 employees, and / or
  • A start-up company, incorporated within 2 years of the application date, and / or
  • Social enterprise, not-for-profit organization, or registered charity, with recognized standing.

Ineligible employers:

  • Federal, provincial, municipal governments, and their agencies
  • Health authorities
  • School boards
  • Private sector companies with over 100 or more employees, incorporated for more than 2 years

Essential Skills Program: Skills Online NS

Are your employees up to speed?

Every 3 years, a staggering 50% of all workplace skills will change, leaving far to many business with a profit-eroding ‘skills gap’. Can your enterprise update critical employee skills fast enough to keep pace and protect productivity and profitability?

On Demand Skills. On Demand.

  • Fastest way to bridge your skill gaps, for FREE! (limited offer)
  • Training on the most popular skills, proven to boost your business productivity
  • Recharge existing training programs with the flexibility of eLearning
  • Increase employee retention and job relevance with just-in-time, on-demand training
  • Build, Assign, and Track training in your Company’s Private Learning Network

Read Essential Skills Program FAQs here

Department of Labour and Advanced Education: Workplace Initiatives

The Workplace Initiatives Division is dedicated to building a vibrant and adaptable workforce by partnering with employers and industry to ensure Nova Scotia has the skills we need to succeed in the workplace.

They have created a suite of HR Solutions programs to make sure you are prepared for the challenges of human resources management including how to find, manage and retain the right employees. The HR Solutions featured on this site have been developed to support businesses such as yours to compete more effectively in today’s economy.

To find out more about the programs offered visit their website here